The Himalayas is a special place for me, and every time I have visited I have come back richer with experiences, not just from the mountains but from my interaction with the Himalayan people as well. Their generosity to open homes and hearts to strangers without prejudice or hesitation, and their never faltering ability to endure one of the most arduous lifestyles that I have had the experience to knowing is very humbling. The strength resonated by these people is something that I often fall back on as I come across my own challenges, and drives me to visit this region more often.

As a trekker, I believe the quote below by Art Wolfe sums my thoughts on Himalayas nicely.

"I can see why Photographers, trekkers, and climbers love the high Himalaya. It is certainly not just the physical challenge of these mountains. Practically every bend in the trail and crest of the ridge reveals a stunning vista that literally takes your breath away. This place is unique in all the world. Nature dominates here as no other place that I have ever been. It is simply overwhelming. One cannot come here and not feel a reverence for the natural world - not just for animate life but also the inanimate, for rock and soil, ice and snow. Nowhere else on Earth is one so dwarfed by the scale of things, so aware of mankind's place in the larger scheme of things.

Every time I stand among the high Himalaya, in awe and reverence, I redouble my resolve to showcase through my work the grandeur that is nature, to emphasize humanity's place and humanity's responsibility to work with nature and for nature, to try to make a difference. We all a responsibility to help ensure that as many of Earth’s remaining wild places as possible stay that way. The high Himalaya reminds us of all that is at stake."
- Art Wolfe, The High Himalayas
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