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My incursion into photography started when I picked up my dad’s canon EOS in the 90s. Shooting film wasn't conducive, and with shifting priorities and hobbies, it took a back seat quickly. Today, I have come full circle and my portfolio is an obvious culmination of my two passions, Travel & Wildlife.

Belonging to a country with a diverse heritage like India gives me the ability to appreciate the finer nuances and similarities that exist in the potpourri of communities, nature and different traditions I have had the opportunity to explore.

As a photographer I constantly seek to capture my own experiences from a unique perspective. I believe that there is no subject or idea which is mundane; for it is up to the vision and the interpreter, to seek the subject and bring forth a new dimension to it.

My background lends me the ability to understand the chemistry of light, shadows and technology, while I challenge my right brain to create photographs to convey the language and impact of the subject and translate the story with composition, texture, and aesthetics.

Feel free to browse around, and take this opportunity to critique my work.

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