Bought a new UWA lens in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Nepal and Tibet this summer and figured I would try it out at Glen Helen Nature Preserve.

Glen Helen is probably one of the best kept secrets as far as Nature preserves go. Glen has many miles of trails and is typically not too crowded, which considering it is adjacent to John Bryan State Park is hard to believe.

This was also a perfect opportunity to test the Cokin Z-Pro series soft GND filters that I bought to go along with this lens. Shooting waterfalls are always interesting, but shooting into the sun always causes a large dynamic range between the darks and highlights, it s easy to lose detail in either. The GNDs helped out here to cut down on the amount of light coming in from the sky regions to help maintain and recover detail in the highlights. Will need to play around some more with this setup.

All pictures were shot with EOS 5D Mark II + EF 16-35mm F2.8 L USM with and without Cokin Z-Pro Soft GND Filters on Feisol 3042-CN and Manfrotto 488RC2 Ball head.
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