A few from a recent outing with Southern Ohio Wildlife Photographers to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge. Was a cold morning and very little activity. Spotted a few North American river otters, song sparrow, blue jay, a red-tailed hawk, Mallards, a great blue heron & the quintessential geese.

The lakes had a thin layer of ice and the otters were trying to get off from under the ice, but kept falling through. It was funny to watch. Had some terrrible lighting shooting the otters, wish I had used the better beamer on.

Shot with EOS 40D + EF 300mm F4 L IS USM handheld and EOS 1D Mark III + EF 500mm F4 L IS USM handheld. Took both tripods and heads, but due to lack of activity, decided to shoot handheld.
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