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A few keepers from a recent two day outing with Southern Ohio Wildlife Photographers & Ohio Valley Camera Club to Jasper-Pulaski National Wildlife Refuge in Indiana. The bird count stats for the weekend was 14,500 and the conditions were well below freezing (low 20°F), but endured on. Was glad to have all my extremities intact and functioning at the end of the day. Indiana Department of Natural Resources monitors and updates the bird count frequently and they can be found here.

It was great to witness the migration and these old world bird species at such close proximity and in such large numbers.

Shot with
(1) EOS 1D Mark III + EF 500mm F4 L IS USM (with & without EF 1.4x II) + Speedlite 580 EX II + Better Beamer on Gtizo 3541LS and Jobu Designs Black Widow Gimbal Mount Mk II with Jobu Designs Top Mount Flash Bracket,

(2) EOS 40D + EF 300mm F4 L IS USM - handheld, &

(3) EOS 40D + EF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM - handheld.

This was my first extended shoot-out with the Canon EOS 1D Mark III mounted on the Canon EF 500mm F4 L IS USM and I got to say, the results are just nothing short of spectacular - AF was super fast and spot on, barring user error (cold stiff fingers). This combination creates some of the sharpest images I have managed to take so far, at high ISO nonetheless - no buyers remorse here.

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